Code of Ethics


Twin County United Way is synonymous with charitable service. For many people, United Way is the primary way they meet their desire to help their fellow human beings. Twin County United Way has earned the public trust, nurtured by years of ethical, honest, and responsible charitable service by its employees and volunteer representatives.

This Code of Ethics is the policy of Twin County United Way and expresses fundamental values. Accordingly, this code guides the conduct of all Board members. Each Board member will annually complete the Code of Ethics form and filed by the Executive Director.

Personal Integrity

  • Respect and seek out the truth and avoid misrepresentation.
  • Ensure fairness and objectivity in all activities.
  • Set an example for high standards of professionalism.
  • Honor the right of privacy of all people, including co-workers, volunteers, contributors, and beneficiaries.

Conflict of Interest

  • Board members shall avoid any activity or outside interest that conflicts or appears to conflict with the best interests of Twin County United Way. This includes involvement with a current potential Twin County United Way vendor, grantee, or competing organization, unless disclosed to and approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • Members of the Board of Directors shall disclose during the time of voting any and all affiliations of any professional or personal relationship that can be perceived as a conflict of interest.

Personal Gain

  • Do not use Twin County United Way resources for personal gain.
  • Do not solicit or accept gratuities, gifts or favors, other than promotional gifts of nominal value.


Do not solicit or distribute literature for purposes inconsistent with the Twin County United Way Mission on Twin County United Way premises

Confidential Information

Ensure that all information that is confidential or privileged or that is not publicly available is not disclosed inappropriately.


Twin County United Way Directors are obligated to disclose any violations or perceived breaches of the Code of Ethics of which they are aware. Disclosure should be made to the President or the Chairman of the Board. Any reported breaches will be investigated and appropriate action, if needed, will be taken. Twin County United Way encourages all directors to be prompt, open, and forthright in reporting perceived breaches of the Code of Ethics.