Kindergarten Readiness

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?

Did you know that many children in our community are not prepared to enter kindergarten? And, children who start out behind, tend to stay behind. Kindergarten Boot Camp is a five-week, summertime program that helps ensure school-age children are prepared to enter kindergarten in the Fall! Kindergarten Boot Camp gives children an inside look of what school will be like and teaches essential skills needed to be ready for kindergarten! Kindergarten Boot Camp is educational, fun, and FREE!

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Partnering with the local community

Twin County United Way's Kindergarten Boot Camp is done in partnership with local school districts, public libraries, Community Action Partnership, Boys & Girls Clubs of the LC Valley, Women United, and Tri-State Wellness.

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?


Ready to Read?

  • Follows words in a book from left to right
  • Recognizes familiar words (mom, cat, dog)
  • Names 10 letters
  • Makes 10 letter/sound matches
  • Writes name or familiar words using recognizable letters
  • Identifies or claps syllables (parts of words) in name or words
  • Uses complex sentences (to solve problems, ask questions, etc.)
  • Produces words with the same beginning sound (bag/ball, cat/car)
  • Tells or retells a story or experience in sequence, with details

Ready for Math?

  • Counts out loud 1-31
  • Touches and counts up to 10 objects one by one
  • After counting, answers “How many?” without recounting
  • Reads numerals 0-10
  • Names six shapes
  • Moves objects into position: between, beside, first, last
  • Understands measurement concepts: bigger, smaller, longest, etc.
  • Sorts by one characteristic, blue items, red items
  • Completes patterns: ABAB, ABB ABB

Ready for Class?

  • Shares with friends, takes turns and play cooperatively
  • Uses calming strategies to soothe self
  • Follows three-step directions

Not Ready? We Can Help!

Local school districts screen students entering Kindergarten in the fall during school registration. Names are provided to Twin County United Way on a needs based metric.

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