Yes. Contributions to the Twin County United Way are fully tax deductible; see your tax professional for more information.

There are many options to make it convenient and easy for you to give:  payroll deduction, credit card, cash, check and auto bank withdrawals. We have paper pledge forms, you can donate online at tcuw.org/donate or we have a text to give option.  Text TCUW to 40403.  All options allow for one-time or ongoing donations.

You can give a one-time or ongoing donation via payroll deduction if your employer allows this option.  We also accept cash, check, credit cards and automatic bank withdrawal.  For credit card purchases, you can select to have your card charged once, once a quarter (4x per year) or once a month (12x per year). (For your security, we do not accept credit card numbers via e-mail, please call, mail, hand-deliver or stop by the United Way office for this option.) For automatic bank withdrawal, you can select a one-time or monthly withdrawal.  You may also request to be billed once, once a quarter or once a month. (Please note the $50 minimum requested for the “bill me” option, ongoing credit card charges or automatic bank withdrawal option.)

Every gift matters. There are no minimums for cash, check or payroll deduction contributions. (Some employers may require a minimum for payroll deduction, please speak to your payroll department for specifics.)  If you are selecting to receive bills, ongoing credit card charges or automatic bank withdrawal, a $50 minimum is requested.  If you are also making designations to specific charities, a minimum $50 donation per organization is also preferred.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  You can select to have your card charged once, once a quarter or once a month.

Yes.  Resources raised in Nez Perce and Asotin counties stay in Nez Perce and Asotin counties. However, donors may specifically designate funds to nonprofits outside the area.  We honor these requests.

Regardless of the amount of the donation, we maximize all the donated funds to create impact. The United Way and its partner nonprofits leverage the power of many.  We Live United!  It is the collaboration of nonprofits, supported by passionate people and volunteers to make the most of every donation.  We don’t rely on a few donors – we rely on thousands of donors, each giving an amount that works for them.  When we each give some and pool our resources, we can make a big impact in our communities.

The United Way is unique in our ability to address the complexity of challenges in our community.  Education, income and health are not experienced in silos – they are integrated and solutions to solve issues need to be integrated, too.  Actions to build a stronger community need to be focused and coordinated. The United Way helps do that. All programs funded through United Way’s Community Fund must be human services that addresses a community need, maintain financial records in accordance with the “Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Voluntary Health & Welfare Organizations” and produce measurable outcomes and results.

This ensures your investment is being used efficiently and effectively as it was intended – to help solve issues facing our community and create opportunities for people to live successful and healthy lives. Plus, all we ensure all nonprofits funded are in good standing the with IRS, are in compliance with the spirit and intent of the USA PATRIOT Act and other counterterrorism laws, and comply with federal, state and case law regarding nondiscrimination standards.

Giving to the Community Fund ensures your donation is going where it is needed the most in our community – and to programs that are working locally to address these needs and fight for health, education and financial stability in our community.  We vet the organizations receiving these funds and fund the programs that have the greatest potential for impact.  We also require check-ins and reports to ensure the dollars are being used on the programs for which the funds were intended.  Plus, because the grants from the Twin County United Way Community Fund are two-year grants, nonprofits can use them to budget and achieve longer-term goals.

Volunteers and community citizens – just like you – make those decisions. Twin County United Way pulls together a volunteer Community Fund grants panel, which is made up of United Way donors, board members, community members and local stakeholders. The volunteers learn about the community’s greatest needs and then review applications, budgets, plans and needs from the nonprofits. The panel then deliberates and provides a final recommendation for which programs will receive funding. Once those recommendations are made, they are sent to the United Way Board of Directors for final approval. Community Fund = the greatest impact!

The United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Funded programs and services benefit everyone. Lives are complex and so is our community – we are all impacted by each other.  A popular misconception is that only the jobless and truly “at-risk” individuals benefit from United Way and its nonprofit partner programs. Every type of person has problems and needs, some of which are finding affordable childcare, early childhood education, marital problems, troubled teens, aging parents and individuals with special needs. United Way services are available to all. Your United Way contribution helps your coworkers, friends, neighbors, family and you!

Yes, you can select education, income or health.  Education grants focus on helping children and youth achieve their potential through education.  Income grants are used to promote financial independence.  Health grants fund programs that improve people’s health though preventative action and access to care.

Yes.  Designations can be made to any 501(c)3 nonprofit that is registered and in good standing with the IRS.  If you choose to give through the United Way to another organization, your designated gift must be at least $50.  Gifts less than $50 will be redirected to the United Way Community Fund.

Harvest Club is a group of donors that pledge an annual contribution $1,000 or more.  Gifts above $5,000 are “Cream of the Crop” Harvest Club members.

The Tocqueville Society is a United Way Worldwide group of donors who have committed to a $10,000 or higher annual gift.

Corporate Champions are local businesses that cover the administrative costs of the Twin County United Way.  This helps ensure that more of each donor’s dollar goes directly to programs and services.

It is ALWAYS the goal of Twin County United Way.  Each year, we try to secure enough Corporate Champions to cover ALL administrative costs.  Many years they have covered 100 percent.  Some years, it isn’t 100 percent.

No. If you make a donation to a specific charity, no administrative costs will be taken out by the Twin County United Way.  We do account for pledge loss on all gifts, except those to other United Ways.

Although people intend to give pledged money, for a variety of reasons (job changes, death, personal financial changes) some can’t fulfill their pledge. Because of this, we can’t base budgets on the total amount pledged.  So, we pick a pledge loss amount that will cover what we expect to be unable to collect each year. This pledge loss amount is based on the average of actual pledge loss over the past several years. Pledge loss for 2024 is set at five percent (5%) of each gift.

Yes. These options help the Twin County United Way well into the future. Simply call the Twin County United Way office at (208) 743-6594.

Yes.  We have options for donating securities, real estate or other properties. Donors may also make gifts of stocks and bonds, as well as gift of life insurance policies. Simply call the Twin County United Way office at (208) 743-6594 or e-mail [email protected].

On social media.  We have an e-newsletter, a website,  Facebook page–Twin County United Way, an Instagram account- @tcuw and hashtag #TCUW and we’re also on Twitter- @TwinCountyUW.