Proven Results


No administrative costs are taken from gifts to Twin County United Way. This is possible thanks to businesses we call Corporate Champions agreeing to cover these costs. Corporate Champions allow more of your dollar to go toward finding solutions to the biggest needs in our valley.

Here are some examples of what long term investments your dollar support:

  • $1 covers the cost of 4 meals at The Idaho Foodbank
  • $7 – covers the cost of a backpack filled with food items for one child to take home on a weekend at Asotin County Foodbank
  • $10- supplies for volunteers to rake leaves for a senior citizen or disabled person through Interlink Volunteers
  • $11- Covers on month of health care for an uninsured individual at Snake River Community Clinic.
  • $25-Covers the cost of one scholarship for one child to participate in Boys and Girls Club Athletics
  • $40-covers the cost of a background check for a volunteer to work with children at WA-ID Volunteer Center
  • $50-Provide 2 children scholarships to play spring soccer at the Boys and Girls Club
  • $65 – covers the cost of painting a wheelchair ramp through Interlink Volunteers.
  • $70 – covers the cost of training for 10 volunteers going through the Court Advocate program to represent kids in foster care.
  • $85 – covers the cost of a food box for one family full of food items to last the family for at least two weeks.
  • $100-Provide first aid supplies for the Summer Challengers program through the Boys and Girls Club.
  • $124 – covers the cost for two meals a day for one senior citizen at Valley Meals on Wheels.
  • $242 – covers the cost of one backpack each weekend for a child full of food items for the entire school year.
  • $250 – covers the cost of a weekend of workshops for two parents with a child with a disability at Families Together
  • $250-Provide 10 Club Membership scholarships for needy children in our Clubs for a year
  • $264-Materials to build a 24-foot long wheelchair ramps through Interlink Volunteers
  • $500-Provide scholarships for an entire basketball team of 1st graders at the Boys and Girls Club.



Snake River Community Clinic: A woman who had COPD came to our clinic complaining that she kept running out of breath “all the time” with little exertion.  She had been using inhalers for her condition for years, but this problem was new–and scary.  We made sure she was the first person seen.  The volunteer health care provider did an EKG and sent her for labs.  By noon the next day, we had arranged for her to see a cardiologist–she needed immediate heart surgery!  She had avoided going to a doctor for a long time because she could not afford the cost of the visit, the medications that would surely be prescribed, or any other medical expenses.  But because her visit, medications, and labs did not cost her anything at the free clinic, she was able to receive life-saving care in the nick of time.  Without the financial and moral support of our great community, this medically needy woman would probably not be alive today.  She kept thanking all of our great volunteers for their help–but we thank the community for theirs.

 LC Valley Young Life: One of our YoungLives girls who we met a year and a half ago was struggling through school when we met her. She had a 3 month old child and was trying to figure out if school was going to be able to finished, a job was going to be able to work for her as a mother and if she was going to have any support going forward. She showed up at YoungLives the first time and wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to come back when Terra walked up and started the conversation. There friendship and mentor relationship started from there. They then went to camp together this last summer and things started to change. Here is where she is currently now: She is enrolled in LCSC after graduating from high school. She now has a driver’s license and a car! And she is maintaining a job through out this whole time. She is moving forward and her mentor, Terra, has been a major impact in that.

A success story from the LC Valley Circles Initiative and the course “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World” told by a participant in the course.

I am a member of the second “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World” class sponsored by LC Valley Circles Initiative, and completed the 16-week course in July, 2009. I participate in Circles because Circles Doesn’t just see me as a “poor person”; Circles respects my contributions to our community. That’s important to me because, in addition to being “poor.” I’m also a college graduate, an AmeriCorps alumna with 2 years of national service and an active volunteer.

My relationships with other Circle Leaders and our Circle Allies are invaluable, and the “ripple effect” of Circles is truly life-altering. Two weeks ago, after 4 months of unemployment and no unemployment benefits (AmeriCorps doesn’t pay into the unemployment fund), I faced homelessness. Circles paid my rent through a “Barrier Removal” grant available only to Circles Leaders. Today is my third day at a job Circles helped me get, by providing access to Working Solutions. There, I strengthened my resume: job searched, and practiced interviewing skills. Due to connections I made through Circles, my monthly income increased 700 percent. With that, my problems changed from not earning enough monthly income to qualify for rent controlled housing to earning too much. M.L.

A success story from The Learning Club

A former student, whose teacher decided that for many reasons (his higher test scores, becoming a proficient reader, positive self-esteem showing in the classroom, social behaviors are more positive and an all around happier child is attending school) that he is no longer in need of our service. Needless to state, the child is very disappointed that he is unable to attend T.L.C. so that another student needing our help may benefit. This child continues to ask if there is room for him, even though he knows he is doing well in school.

One fourth grade student that graduated out from T.L.C. asked if he could be a helper in the fall for the following school year. He stated that since T.L.C. helped him with school he would like to help T.L.C. I did have this student come back in the fall to help with our program.

A success story from CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children:

This past year one of our volunteers was advocating for children whose mother’s reading level didn’t measure up to most third grade readers abilities. The children had been returned to their parents and were doing very well in their home, but their mother’s inability to read made it virtually impossible for her to find a job. The CASA volunteer knew a retired teacher and with the mother’s blessing asked if she would e interested in tutoring this young mother. Long story short, it was a perfect match between this tutor and mother. The mother was able through everyone’s perseverance and encouragement- to rapidly increase her reading aptitude within a few short months of twice weekly tutoring sessions. The mother is now working and was able to pass her driver’s license exam because of the help provided through the efforts of our volunteer. The mother’s self-esteem improved, her children were so proud of her and happy to have her read even mores stories to them at bedtime, and the financial stability of the family was greatly enhanced.