Helping Families Afford Prescriptions

Twin County United Way offers FREE FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards to help people in the Lewiston-Clarkston area without insurance or prescription drug coverage lower the cost of buying their medicine from area pharmacies.

There is no enrollment, activation process or fees associated with the card.  The card can be used by anyone without health insurance, during deductible periods or for prescription medicine not covered by health insurance, Medicare and other benefit plans.  You pay either the discounted price or the pharmacy’s retail price, whichever is lower.

The cards can either be picked up at the Twin County United Way office, located at 2207 E. Main Street in Lewiston.

Download the free @FamilyWize app today!

Or print off  the card.

The prescription drug discount cards have no usage or age limits, income requirements or registration forms, and can be used immediately to reduce the cost of medicine for anyone without prescription drug coverage.  Through the program, users average about 40 percent savings on needed prescription medication and local community members have collectively saved $1.42 million.