We at Twin County United Way are committed to going beyond just simply financially supporting programs that serve identified needs in the community.

Our mission is to identify needs, unite people, share resources, and improve lives in Nez Perce & Asotin Counties. And to Live United means to mobilize people from all across the community into collective action to meet those identified needs and, where necessary, develop programs that target the root causes of our community’s needs, with the long-term goal of ending those needs.

Which is why Living United means going beyond simply financially supporting a childcare program. It’s partnering with those childcare providers in developing and introducing curricula that will help prepare children to become lifelong learners. It’s equipping the parents of those children with positive parenting skills & knowledge on how to engage in their children’s educational journey. And it’s ensuring that all members of the family are informed about quality, affordable health services that are available in our community.

EDUCATION. INCOME. HEALTH. We believe that these are the building blocks on which strong lives are built. Should any of these building blocks become unstable, it’s difficult – in some cases impossible – to move ahead in life. To Live United is to come together as committed citizens & advance the common good by creating opportunities for all persons to achieve stability in their EDUCATION, INCOME, & HEALTH.

This comprehensive form of addressing the underlying causes to our community needs is an enhancement to our earlier approach that sought only to fund familiar programs year after year. Our approach today is built around our assessment of our community needs and the forces at work in it.

It takes a huge amount of resources & manpower to conduct our community needs assessment, find solutions, evaluate & develop worthy programs, champion these programs by communicating their importance to our community – and then, finally, raise the funds necessary to put all this into motion. This is why there is one thing that will always be a constant: WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

We invite you to join us & LIVE UNITED.