Our Work

2016 Community Needs Assessment


No administrative costs are taken from gifts to Twin County United Way. This is possible thanks to businesses we call Corporate Champions agreeing to cover these costs. Corporate Champions allow more of your dollar to go toward finding solutions to the biggest needs in our valley.

Here are some examples of what long term investments your dollar support:

  • $5-covers the cost of 5 meals in the backpack program for children at Idaho Food Bank
  • $7 – covers the cost of a backpack filled with food items for one child to take home on a weekend at Asotin County Food Bank.
  • $10- supplies for volunteers to rake leaves for a senior citizen or disabled person through Interlink Volunteers.
  • $11- Covers on month of health care for an uninsured individual at Snake River Community Clinic.
  • $25-Covers the cost of one scholarship for one child to participate in Boys and Girls Club Athletics
  • $40-covers the cost of a background check for a volunteer to work with children at WA-ID Volunteer Center
  • $50-Provide 2 children scholarships to play spring soccer at the Boys and Girls Club
  • $65 – covers the cost of painting a wheelchair ramp through Interlink Volunteers.
  • $70 – covers the cost of training for 10 volunteers going through the Court Advocate program to represent kids in foster care.
  • $85 – covers the cost of a food box for one family full of food items to last the family for at least two weeks.
  • $100-Provide first aid supplies for the Summer Challengers program through the Boys and Girls Club.
  • $124 – covers the cost for two meals a day for one senior citizen at Valley Meals on Wheels.
  • $242 – covers the cost of one backpack each weekend for a child full of food items for the entire school year.
  • $250 – covers the cost of a weekend of workshops for two parents with a child with a disability at Families Together
  • $250-Provide 10 Club Membership scholarships for needy children in our Clubs for a year
  • $264-Materials to build a 24-foot long wheelchair ramps through Interlink Volunteers
  • $500-Provide scholarships for an entire basketball team of 1st graders at the Boys and Girls Club.