About Us


To identify needs, unite people, share resources and improve lives in Nez Perce and Asotin counties.


1. Create a funding resource for meeting our community’s human service needs by conducting extensive county-wide fundraising campaigns. This will require continued expansion of fundraising efforts as long as human service needs are not sufficiently met by other support systems.

2. Honor the trusted purpose of donations by keeping fundraising and operating costs low; by allowing donors to designate their contribution to specific United Way affiliated programs; by distributing funds through a system that carefully considers the priorities of human service needs and thoroughly evaluates the purpose, effectiveness and necessities of qualified programs applying for the support to meet those needs, and by openly communicating to the public how funds are raised and distributed. Fund distribution, therefore, will be through a comprehensive evaluation process involving the continuous accountability of recipient programs.

3. Foster the cooperation of human service programs by encouraging open communication among program providers and identifying inefficient overlaps in services. This includes the active support of the United Way Agency Directors Association, a periodic survey of their members to identify areas of needed interactive support, and the encouragement of collaborative efforts to resolve human service needs.

4. Promote a continuous understanding of United Way’s role in building a healthy community by widely communicating the efficient manner United Way provides to raise and distribute needed funds and declaring the value of United Way funded programs in meeting critical community needs. Also, by serving as a primary participant in the identification and resolution of the community’s human service needs. This will involve a year-round approach to visibility and involvement and a strong focus beyond the annual campaign cycle.

5. Help lead communities in focusing support in high priority human service needs by promoting public awareness campaigns and incorporating a system for initiative based fund raising efforts. This means being more responsive to newly identified needs by initiating solutions rather than waiting for reactions from new or existing agencies.

6. Ensure the operational strength of the organization by maintaining a cost efficient structure of capable employees and volunteers who can facilitate the organization’s mission and objectives. This requires using a minimum number of employees to identify, train, and coordinate a workforce of competent volunteers to fulfill organization objectives.


2016 Community Report

Have you heard about the ALICE report? ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained Employed — households that make more than the federal poverty level, but struggle to afford basic household necessities. The ALICE study, released by the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest, describes what poverty and financially constrained households look like in the Pacific Northwest.  Meet ALICE>>